DataStage to Excel

I have a technical question and want to see if others have ideas… We were asked by a client to build a DataStage ETL feed that outputs an excel file with multiple excel worksheets in the workbook. Anyone out there have any ideas?

Communication, Understanding and Testing

Testing is often the ugly step sister of IT.  So it is often marginalized and sometimes forgotten. Lately I have seen the opposite effect and that scares me as much as the other.  One of the indicators is in communicating what testing is required.  For me this is the dr

Who Is The Customer

I was reminded this week about the value of what we do in Information Technology. The Value to the Customer. In the world of data warehousing this is often confusing.  Is it the IT project that our data supports, the marketing or operational group that leverages our IT system or

CoffeeCAST – #38 – Readiness and Master Data Management

Welcome to the 38th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd.  We are on the road this week, having jumped to Ottawa and Montreal on a three city tour.  It is cold and sunny and having some fun. Today I would like to Charles to the CoffeeCAST.  We are sitting here late at the

CoffeeCAST – #37 – Ipedo and the Virtualization of Data

Welcome to the 37th CoffeeCAST (and the first of 2007) with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd.  It is great to be back.  I have been off living the delivery dream stepping over to the dark side (delivery) for a couple of months.  But I am back and with a vengence. Today I would like to

Running with the Squirrels

I remembered this ad as it came out when I was at EDS and I loved the premise.  As a small business, we are really trying to both be the squirrels as well as help our customers be more nimble. The irony was about the fact that EDS was also one of the big beasts as they referred t

Can You Find It

I am going to attempt to introduce a very crucial topic in the world of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Service Oriented Architecture. Graham will talk about Metadata and man is it fun.  If you want to start a long and important conversation ask him about it, but be p

Oracle buys Sunopsis

Oracle has added Sunopsis to their Fusion middlewear line of products.  Congratulations I think.  On the surface this looks good and adds credibility to the already increasing evolution of ELT from ETL.  The question will be whether this is too early in the adoption cyc

CoffeeCAST – #32 – Talking Data Warehousing and Integration

Welcome to the 32nd CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  Well welcome back.  Today I have captured Graham for another fun discussion on Data Warehousing and Integration.  So I am just finishing a great Starbucks Grande Bold and hope you have found a good coffee yourself for

ETL Defined

I am going to give my understanding what ETL means and how it fits in the grand scheme of things.  I find most people talking about it assume that we know the basic functions of ETL and how it fits into Data-warehousing.  First, ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load. ET