CoffeeCAST – #27 – Organizational Effectiveness

Welcome to the 27th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  It has been a rollercoater of a week and so we are a little behind in getting out this weeks episode. Before I start I would like to do a shout out to Pete and Cori who got married last Saturday.  On a sadder note this

Sanford McFarlane’s Funeral Service

Today was Sanford’s funeral.  What a mixed emotion day.  Here we are greiving about the loss of Sanford whose hole that he left behind can never be filled, but as one can expect from Sanford and his family, this was a great celebration of his life. We were at the Timot

Sanford McFarlane

A close friend of the family died yesterday.  We knew it would eventually happen, but had been very hopeful after the treatments he had been receiving. Sanford was an amazing man, bigger than life with enough enthusiasm for everyone.  His gregarious nature was genuine and he

Holiday in Canada – eh?

Happy holiday long weekend. Today is the third of four holiday weekends in the extended summer.  Have a safe and happy one everybody.

Some Sad News

I am sorry as I am not going to have a great blog for the day today. My wife and I were struck to the the core by a loss of someone we know who died Wednesday of a blood clot having just had a baby on the weekend.  They were close to my sister and hence we knew them reasonably we

Canada Day

So today is Canada Day.  Happy Birthday.  So we are closed on Monday and I will not be blogging on that day.  I hope to get out a good personal post I have been working on.

Gellman Hayward Get Together

So we had a great event, but so many were missing.  It was great to see some old faces.  I really liked seeing Paul Smith, what a great guy always with a smile. Hope everyone had fun.  Maybe if we can get some shots from Joe, we can put them up.

CoffeeCAST – #15 – Open Mark

Welcome to the 15th Episode of the CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X. This week we are podcasting from the York Mills and Bayview Starbucks.  Sitting across from me today is Mark Evans, Senior Technology Reporter at the National Post on Technology and Telco and an active bl

A Weekend for Silent Auctions

Well, it seems to be a weekend for Silent Auctions.  I just came back from a silent auction at Thomas’ pre-school.  Boy the organizing committee did well. And tomorrow we have sponsored a prize in support of George Herman House a charity that is near and dear to one of

May 24 – Holiday in Canada

No special blog for today.  It is May 24th long weekend in Canada.  So go off somewhere and fight the bugs and enjoy a good long weekend I know I will. Best of the holiday from Project X.