Happy Canada Day – EH

Happy Birthday Canada. Have a safe and fun weekend everyone.

The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power

The book referred to above is a very challenging book and really makes you think about the motivation and character of the public corporation.  The key thing apparently is that the owners, shareholders, are not libel or responsible for the activity of the corporation.  The o

Happy New Year

We wish everyone a wonderful new year. Best wishes from all of us at Project X.  Hoping you have a safe and happy holiday.

Merry Christmas

Wishing you from us a wonderful Xmas holiday. Nothing beats seeing the world through a childs eyes.  I hope that everyone can feel the magic that comes with hanging out with family and friends. Graham, Jim and I and all the rest of us at Project X wish you all a happy and safe ho

Global Warming

A group to which I belong has decided to become more informed about Global Warming.  We have created a blog to discuss the issue.  I decided to put my thought now on the blog and then see  how my view changes.  I copy it here in case you do not visit   http://

Netezza has a New CTO

On Monday I heard through the grape vine that Netezza has a new CTO.  Here is the official press release (I know a week late), but stay tuned as Graham and I will be talking with him in the next two weeks to get to know him better. JUSTIN LINDSEY JOINS NETEZZA AS CHIEF TECHNOLOGY

Remembrance Day

Today at 11am people all across Canada observed remembrance day – I hope. Thomas, Pete, Cori and I finished our coffees at Starbucks today in Unionville in time for the parade and then went outside for the moment of silence.  It was a lovely moment.  As we drove home I

Website Down, but Email Working

I just found out that our website is down.  Our email is still working so don’t lose hope.  The site will be back up asap.  Look Communications is working on it.

Air Canada Selects Teradata

Well congratulations Teradata.  It appears out of Dayton Ohio emerges another new Teradata customer – Air Canada. Here is a brief snippet from the press release… (Air Canada) has selected Teradata for its new data warehouse. The new data warehousing platform will init

Use of the word POD

I received an email from Todd over at the PCN network (the PC stand for podcaster) about the fact that Apple is going after people who use the word POD in a trademarked product. MacWorld Says This ZDNet Says This This is not only the word POD, but the word Podcast.  Luckily my tw