Being Right Versus An Effective Consultant

One of the things that is always a challenge in consulting is being effective.  We are in the business of helping people change the way they do things, whether using a new system or a new approach.  Is the measure of success that we are right or that the client has changed?&

Time Management Part 1

Are you controlled by your Blackberry or Iphone?   Are you governed by your meeting manager?  Are you feeling productive?  Do you work in an open environment?  Do you feel you life is out of control? Most of us these days are really controlled by ou


I mentioned previously how important high quality documents were for us at Gellman, Hayward.  However to our great frustration, we would produce a high quality report for a client and receive high praise but nothing would change.  In the mid 70's  Harvey discover

Hidden Factors

In my search for the meaning of life, the universe and everything, I must keep reminding myself that things are not always as they appear.  This fact is really evident in business and I refer to them as the "hidden factors".  These are the items that people do no

Harvey’s Saying “The Client is King”

Do you have a simple operating philosophy or principle that you live by?  I had a business partner, Harvey Gellman, who was a really clear thinker and liked to keep things simple.  We were in a consulting business together since the 60's and the saying he kept repeatin


One of the most rewarding things I have done throughout my consulting career has been coaching executives and managers.  My experience with this work is that it has a profound effect of the career of my client and the organization.   The relationship often starts aro

The New Management Network

We are pleased to announced that Jim Hayward, one of our senior consultants, has been invited to join The New Management Network.  The Network represents a unique assembly of management consulting capacity embracing strengths ranging through organizational development, strategic