Collaboration is More Than Just Talk

As most of you who follow our blog know, Project X's RapidBI Approach and Platform is linked and depends very much on Agile Development and Real Collaboration. The challenge with the word collaboration is that often it is just talk.  I have had the opportunity to work with s

How to Motivate People — Help

How can I get people to enter their golf scores into the handicap system?  I just read Drive by Dan Pink and would like to apply the ideas of Motivation 3.0 to my problem.  I would like this to be the beginning of a discussion about motivation.  Please comment. Pink

A Business Intelligence Look at What Pharma is Doing with IT

 I wrote last week about business intelligence and it's application within the pharmaceutical vertical based on an article I'd read.  In my post I talked about …pharmaceutical companies to get value from all that data, there needs to be a robust b

CoffeeCAST – #53 – BI Governance

Michael and I sat down after a great morning of review on lessons learned and wanted to quickly chat about Business Intelligence Governance. In today’s CoffeeCAST we talk about the main four areas of focus without going too deep on any one.  They are: BI Governance committee BI

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

KPI's are very important components of our strategy to monitor and report our organizational effectiveness.  Wikepedia has a great definition that links to the similar ideas of BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) and Scorecards. In context these often seem like very daunting

Vendor Provided Analytical LDM

I found the following article interesting as this was something we had been discussing during a debate of Netezza vs Teradata.  One of the comments was to go with Teradata and use the vendor provided analytical LDM relevant to the clients industry.  This is a g

Better Business Intelligence = Better Business Results

 A short while back I saw that the Aberdeen Group conducted a study that found that organizations using MicroStrategy realized stronger sales growth than peer companies who were not using the BI suite.  The full details of the report can be read here in this press release

Project X Ltd. and MicroStrategy Partnership

Project X Ltd., a Toronto-based boutique advisory and systems integration firm is pleased to announce that they have established a Global Consulting Partnership with MicroStrategy, the industry’s best-in-class provider of Business Intelligence software.

Education Transformation

I thought I'd cross post an article I wrote on my blog regarding some thoughts on transforming education here on the PXTLD blog since it directly relates to some of the work we do. _______________________________________________________________ I've spent some time over the pa

Niche Consulting Firms

Project X Ltd has now been around for just under 5 years and have evolved into a Niche Advisory and Technology Services organization.  In discussions over the weekend, I had a great conversation with someone from industry about why we are choosing to stay niche and what value th