Large Meeting Participation

Have you ever been at a meeting where presentations go on and on and on, and you have no way of absorbing all of the material because it is coming at you so fast.  An example comes to mind of the Annual Tour of a company I worked for.  The senior people would come out to all

Asking the Right Question

The ability to understand the reality of a situation is based upon asking questions to gain an understanding of a situation.  So what happens when we ask the wrong questions.  We get the wrong answers. In the complex world of acronyms, technology and business there is so muc


All though my consulting career I have always focused on the client facing work.  I would read our financial reports and try to understand them.  However there were many things I did not understand the explanations given.  Often I decided it was just my aversion to thos

What did you learn Today

Who says you stop learning.  Over the past 4 weeks I have been working on a project that has been an amazing learning experience.  Some of my observations are: Living with a complex technology stack means that the separation of each layer could be someone else’s techno

Breakthough The Organizational Barriers

In any change initiative there are many barriers, most fall into these four resistances/barriers: Psychcological Structural Cultural Political One of the objectives of a Rapid Results program is to address these resistances or barriers and create an environment that is empowered to wo

Anything for a Buck

One of the challenges we face as consultants is the fact that the only thing we have to sell is our time and expertise.  The pressure to bill from the firm and your economic well being creates circumstances which might lead you to do something that is not in the best interests of

Consulting Skills Training

Over the years I have developed some ideas and experiences that I have shared with others on many subjects related to consulting.  I have recently started some sessions with people at Project X.  They have been well recieved and I am pondering making them available to other

Activities vs. Results

In discussions about Rapid Results it is crucial to change your thinking from activities to results.  This does not mean that to get to our results we will not have activities, but we need to change our motivation to align to the results not the activities.  It is also impor

Consultant Anxiety

At the RHSA High Impact Consulting Course they had a whole module on Consultant Anxiety. When they started the discussion, they asked everyone to talk about what makes people anxious.  Listening and participating I was surprised at some of the things that people brought up and fo

Planning Session Preparation

I have found that an important part of any planning session is the preparation.  The first step is to set an agenda and decide on participants.  The people who attend the planning session are often obvious but careful consideration must be given to ensure a productive sessio