Rant on Arrogance

I was reminded today based upon a flippant comment from someone in a meeting today about the arrogance of the Dot Com days and some approaches to Consulting.I remember a founder of a dot com consulting firm saying: "They don’t know their business.  I know it better tha

Innovation Value Networks

In a meeting yesterday, I had a great conversation on the value of opening Innovation up to everyone and making it part of your culture.  But we largely talked about examples where organizations opened problems up to competition externally to look for real innovation.I thought th

Guiding Principles

In the past we have talked about the role of governance, and in Monday’s post we talked about SOA – Top-Down vs Bottom-Up.  It had me thinking about how to manage things like: Enterprise Platforms (BEA, Websphere, and the like) Data Warehouses (Federated, Enterprise a

Google/Telco an Interesting Disruptive Innovation Story

In a conversation before the holidays a friend pointed out to me a Business Week article At Stake: The Net as we Know It that was very interesting.  Here is the opening remark: The internet has always been a model of freedom. Today the Web is flourishing because anyone can click

Productivity Tools – CaseWise

A couple of years ago a former colleague introduced me to a product called CaseWise Corporate Modeller.   She was using it to capture process flows, mapping them to business systems and employee roles and then using these models for what-if scenarios as well as in support of

The Hammer

I was updating a colleague about some things that we are doing and exploring last week.  One of the things he commented on was the issue of "The Hammer". In dealing with today’s innovation and finding out a home for it, we somethimes get caught thinking that becau

Coffee Please

I was at Starbucks this morning with Thomas where he had his bubbly juice, I had my bold coffee and we shared a lemon poppy seed loaf. It was very interesting to look around and see the other families there reading the paper and so forth.  There was one little boy that Thomas was