The Read/Write Web – the Evoluition to Software as a Service

The evolution of the ASP seems to be a very hot topic.  We all know and embrace and it has been around for a while.  But this seems to really have taken on a new meaning when wrapping it into just Software-as-a-service. The reason I bring this up is that with

CoffeeCAST – #1 – Innovation with MIP

This is a first of Episode of Coffee Conversations. Today we will be talking with Michael Ianni-Palarchio (MIP)  in regards to: Innovation Approach to client success Focus on Business not Technology. So please enjoy, feel free to comment and have a great day. Our Podcast is available

Practical Project Management – Tips and Techniques – Part 2

The shift from team member to team leader is a difficult step. The right approach can turn project management into a “win-win” situation for you, your team and the client. Even people with years of experience managing people and projects refer to project management as a “no-win” situa

Starbucks and the Auto Show

So Thomas, Jen and I went to the auto show yesterday as the weather stopped us from going away for the weekend. So I definitely took advantage of the opportunity and we all went down to the car show and met up with my sister and her husband.  On the way in my cunning plan, I stop

Finding the Solution to a Technical Problem

One of the difficulties in the technology world is troubleshooting.  With the various networks, custom and packaged software, PCs, servers, networks and standards it is difficult to figure out where the problem really exists.  Sometimes it is difficult even to know where to

Coffee Conversations – Beta Test

This is a first test of Podcasting here at Project X.  No real conversations, but please be patient there are some good ones coming. Download test_1.mp3 Also available on iTunes under "Project X Discussions"/

Enterprise Search – A step Forward

I was pleased to see the announcement yesterday between "Google, BearingPoint Form Corporate Search Alliance" it brings some credibility to the idea.  But I worry that it will take it in the wrong direction, because if this is to succeed it needs to be EASY to USE. 

Practical Project Management – Tips and Techniques – Part 1

Image this scenario: you’re taking over a project that’s in trouble. Money and your firm’s reputation are at stake. Practical project management techniques can make a difference when the heat is on. Eventually in your career, you will hear the dreaded words from your manager, “I would

Systems Development Tool-kit

I want to thank Michael over at mip’s scan for letting me know of a great conversation on SOA and tools see the article of reference Building Enterprise Apps: It Takes an SOA or Michaels thoughts mip’s blog entry.  In reading the actual article, it refers to SOA being

Trends in Enterprise Information Integration (EII)

As the discussion of Federated Data Warehouses has been prevelant lately for me I thought I would share a nice document/survey finding.  I participated in this survey and enjoyed reading the results.  Here is a quick capture of some of the findings… Primary Drivers for