What Can We Learn From Bob the Builder

In a recent blog, Dan Pink talks about how we prepare ourselves for success. I had always thought that a positive approach with positive self-talk was the best way. However Bob the Builder introduces doubt when he asks the question of the team “Can we fix it?” The team alw

The Drip Method

How do you make your idea of a change that is needed, an idea that the others own?  Introduce the idea, a drip at a time.  During your interchanges with others,  you make subtle suggestions about the change.  As the others gets used to the idea and if it is con

Rex on Motivation

A great blog on motivation by Rex Lee: see http://rexsthoughtspot.blogspot.com/2009/10/maximizing-business-value-from.html  He talks about how we introduce social computing to an enterprise.   The idea of "if we build it they will come" will not work.

Burry Foss Remembers Harvey

I asked one of my Gellman Hayward partners, Burry Foss, how he remembers Harvey Gellman.  He was such a big influence on us all. Burry Foss Remembers  I first met Harvey in the spring of 1965, when he interviewed me for a consulting position in DCF systems while I was comp

CoffeeCAST – #55 – One Version of the Truth and Consulting

Welcome to the 55th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd. It is a spring cleanup type of coffeecast where we want to talk about how to create efficiency in capturing unstructured project related information. I have asked Michael Ianni-Palarchio to join me today where we wi

Being Present

Did you know Peter Senge, the proponent of the learning organization, considers presence a very important ingredient for the modern organization?   I was very pleased to see my interest in being present supported by a influential business author.   I have writt

Update on Motivating People to Enter Golf Scores

Based on a suggestion of Dan Pink, the author of Drive, I used a technique attempted in hotels to get people to reuse towels.   Initially they used a “Protect the Environment” sign to encouraged people to reuse towels.  It was not very effective.  They changed

Another Model for Change – Senge

Is a good model for change "To Drive Change?"    Peter Senge in a tape called "The Dance of Change" talks about how we cannot drive change, we need to nurture it.  His example is growing plants to produce flowers and food.  We ca

Motivation to Enter Scores Feedback

In a previous blog http://blog.pxltd.ca/2010/02/how-to-motivate-people-help.html, I talked about my ideas of motivating people to enter scores in the computer for handicap purposes.  I seem to be having an impact, however I am getting some negative feedback.  

CoffeeCAST – #54 – Process

 Welcome to the 54th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd. I hope all is well with everyone.  I have asked Michael Ianni-Palarchio to join me today where we will be discussing: Misalignment between scope estimation and the truth Lowball Estimates and Change Request to deat