Motivational Tool

Just read a blog about a new tool I Done This that I will use and report in a month.   Pink on New Productivity Tool I think we need to give ourselves a pat on the back for what we have done.  The undone task haunt us and we forget what we got done.


&$#%ing commuting! we all hate it and yet we all do it. we are in the habit of getting in our car and driving to work. bumper to bumper. stop and go. traffic. oh, how we hate it. I suspect a good number of us don’t have to do it. we could work from home or a local library or

7 Consulting Lessons Learned

These lessons have been learned in school of hard knocks in consulting.  Would like to see my scars?  Readiness – People only do what they are ready and willing to do. Hidden factors – Many important factors are hidden. The clients are always right – Even

Be Curious and Understand Context – Ask Questions

Do you know the context for the work you are doing?   How does it fit in the great scheme of things?   I am often amazed how little we appreciate how the projects we are doing fit with the business.  Example – Value of Outsourcing An interesting personal exampl

Data Governance – Whose Issue Is It?

Data governance is an issue for everybody in the business intelligence business.  The following are a series of blogs on Data Governance.  I would like to invite comment and criticism.   Data Governance – Introduction Process Design Introducing Data Governance

Changing Your Point of View

Many times I find myself trying to explain something saying that I believe that is very simple and often it is viewed as more complex.  I was in a conversation with Graham last night as we were reviewing some stored procedures created a couple of years ago and he said "Jim

Top Ten TED Videos

At Project X we are always looking for new and creative ideas to help our clients.  We have found that to produce rapid results for our clients new and creative ideas are essentials.  The videos listed below are some of the resources we use to become as creative as possibl

Setting Personal Goals

Are you achieving your goals?  Why not?  Do you have fifteen minutes right now?  This could change your life.  I have found that the setting of goals has been very rewarding.  I will write them down and share them with a confidant.  Then at the end

Systems Thinking versus Cause & Effect

Do you react to the immediate situation or think about the underlying system that might have caused the current situation?   System thinking is critical at Project X Ltd. for producing rapid results for our clients.   In the Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge describes a busine

Reframing – Seeing Things Different Ways

A useful skill to develop is the ability to see things differently.  This technique is called reframing and can be used in many circumstances.  I find reframing useful when something somebody does really bugs me.  For example if somebody gets very upset with something a