Water and Data – The Analogy

I was just over at mipsscan (written by Michael Ianni-Palarchio – who is joining Project X Ltd in March) and reading some of his blogging and twittering he is doing.  Now that he is making the move back into pure consulting he is sharing some thoughts as he comes up to spe

Some Articles on Datawarehousing

A Colleague gave me an email today with the following links.  Thought I would throw them out to the world for review: Kimball Vs. Inmon by Susan Gallas  Link Data Warehousing: Similarities and Differences of Inmon and Kimball by Katherine Drewek  Link How would you c

Rapid BI Teamwork

One of the important factors in building a BI solution rapidly is for the whole group involved in the project to work together as a team.  Each member of the team will have a specific role but they all need to be working together towards a common goal.  Often however

Business Intelligence Readiness

All organizations make decisions based on the business intelligence they have available to them.  Much of this intelligence comes from the experience and intuition of management group.  The other intelligence comes from the information presented to them in the form of repo

Rapid BI – Part 4

Simplify is one of the keys strategies to creating BI rapidly.  I have noticed we all have a great propensity to make the projects more complex rather than simple.   Simplicity is also a function of understanding.   We all do this because it is easier to

Rapid BI – Part 3 Important Factors

This blog will presents some thoughts on the factors that make it possible to deliver a subject area in three months with five people. One list I received from an academic in the field.  This list seems to be somewhat idealistic but provides a good checklist to compare with your

Rapid BI – Part 2 Working Data Store

One of the sayings we have heard form business users in the data warehousing world is "deliver value in three month or forget it."  Our experience indicates that to bring in a new subject area and produce answers to questions in three months is complex.

Rapid BI – Part 1

In the data warehousing and business intelligence world we are constantly challenged to produce results faster and at reduced cost.    The rapidly changing business environment means that today's business question may change in the next six months.�

The Current State of the BI Industry (our perspective)

We live in exciting time for Business Intelligence. For the most part our customer base has arrived at their current state through a number of evolutions in technology and the resulting demand from business for information that is timely and accurate. The demand for this information i

Using Data to Demonstrate Business Intelligence

My wife and I have both been receiving fund raising letters and magazines from the University of Toronto for years because we both are graduates.  I always thought that this duplication was such a waste.  This week we received the magazine addressed to the family.  I gu