Finally a new Look

As I was preparing for our release of the partnership with MicroStrategy, I realized the blog really does not reflect the look that Amy created for our Website.  So over the next couple of days, watch for the changes that will come out as we align the two brands together.

Better Business Intelligence = Better Business Results

 A short while back I saw that the Aberdeen Group conducted a study that found that organizations using MicroStrategy realized stronger sales growth than peer companies who were not using the BI suite.  The full details of the report can be read here in this press release

Project X Ltd. and MicroStrategy Partnership

Project X Ltd., a Toronto-based boutique advisory and systems integration firm is pleased to announce that they have established a Global Consulting Partnership with MicroStrategy, the industry’s best-in-class provider of Business Intelligence software.

Data Governance Part 3

I would like to return to the definition of data governance given in Part 1 and explore some other aspects of the issue.  The definition was data governance (DG) refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data employed in an e

Data Governance Part 2 Process Design Continued

In Data Governance – Part 1, I presented the idea that data governance process should mirror other cross functional management processes in an organization.   The design of an effective process is a challenge and must fit within the organizational culture. An o

Data Governance Part 1 Design of the Process

Data warehouse projects present a specific set of challenges for an organization.  While most IT projects exist within a particular part of an organization, and are managed within that part of the organization, a data warehouse is there to answer business questions across differ

Visualization instead of Dashboards and Reports

As a major part of what Project X Ltd does, we look at aligning business value as quickly as possible.  We term this loosely under the Rapid Results monicer.  I have had feedback from colleagues that using the term Rapid Results in IT scares the IT folks and often even the

Do You Have a Business Intelligence Strategy?

Most businesses these days get some sort of reports on how you business is performing.  However with things changing rapidly, different information is often needed.  What business questions do you have today?  Do you have a strategy for how these new questions will b

What is in your EDW?

I have been discussing with Graham the problem of finding out what information is in the data warehouse.  The general solution is to store some information about what is in the warehouse somewhere.  This data about the data is often called Metadata.   Often no

Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink

I recall when I took a family vacation and we were aboard a cruise ship.  At one point I was out on deck with my oldest daughter, and while I looked out a the massive ocean stretching out before us I quoted a line from a famous poem titled The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, that l