CoffeeCast – Video – MicroStrategy World – Summary

Michael and I finally had a moment to sit down and collect our thoughts after our great week in Las Vegas. Our highlights are: MicroStrategy World General Mobile BI – extending Business Intelligence Visualization – ability to garner insight Lessons learned – customer

Data Governance Part 4 Readiness

I would like to encourage people who are striving to introduce data governance into their organization to have patience, persistence and perseverance.  Most organizations are not ready to embrace all the aspects of data governance at the beginning but as the various elements of

Vendor Provided Analytical LDM

I found the following article interesting as this was something we had been discussing during a debate of Netezza vs Teradata.  One of the comments was to go with Teradata and use the vendor provided analytical LDM relevant to the clients industry.  This is a g

Scan MD/MD Doctor

When working with Microstrategy there is a chance for the metadata to become corrupt.  There are 2 types of errors; Physical or Logical.  Scan MD is the tool to recover from logical inconsistencies where MD Doctor fixes physical errors. The recommendation is that Sca

Business Intelligence is More than Just Reporting

One of the major take away items, for me, at last week's MicroStrategy World conference, was the broader scope of business intelligence.  In my mind, because of what I'd been exposed to, I thought business intelligence was all about getting your data to the point where y

MicroStrategy World 2010 – What did You Learn

Had a great week Las Vegas this week at MicroStrategy World 2010. Michael our VP Consulting and I went down with very different objectives, so I thought I would share with you the evaluation of how I did against objectives (rank is out of 10 with 10 being high).  Maybe you could

The Emergence of Mobile Business Intelligence

I was listening to the keynote speech here at the MicroStrategy World conference (follow it live via this social media equipped page) at the start of the day and I was really excited by the keynote that was delivered by MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor.  The reason I was excited

CoffeeCast – A quick summary of Keynote of MicroStrategy World 2010

Michael and I are down in Vegas for MicroStrategy World and enjoying the time so far.  After a quick bit to eat, Michael and I were chatting about the Keynote and I said let's just do a quick podcast.  So here We are. Keynote Session Gwen Stefani opening songs Saylor o

MicroStrategy Partnership – Video Announcement

Hi folks, While down at MicroStrategy World we at Project X Ltd are talking about our evolution into a Global agreement with MicroStrategy for Advisory and Systems Integration Services.  We are pretty excited about this and hope you will join in with both agreeing and disagreein

CoffeeCast goes Video – Business Intelligence in 2010

Well Michael and I finally got the time to stop trying to do our vidcast to actually doing it and being happy with the output. So welcome to the first video CoffeeCast.  Today we talk about the changing and emerging landscape of Business Intelligence in 2010.  Both Michael a