Rapid Results – A brief Intro

In passing over the past couple of months we have introduced this topic, but I thought I would take a brief moment to explain why we think it is important and what it means to us.  For more information go to Robert Schaffer’s web-site as he is the person who introduced it t

What Have You Learned Today?

In a meeting this morning talking about Rapid Results, we started to talk about learning and more particularly post-mortem or project wrap-up learning sessions.  It made me pause and think of all the past versions of these sorts of sessions I have been to and what was missing: Di

Innovation without Execution

Over the past few weeks we have been really drilling into results oriented approaches.  As this is an innovative approach to delivering results I have been thinking on the value of execution as being equivalent to innovation. Innovation without Execution is useless.  I often

CoffeeCAST – #23 – Working Data Store and ETL

Welcome to the 23rd CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  Well it has been a challenging summer trying to keep this fresh with people on holidays and a marketplace that seems to be heating up. I grabbed Graham Boundy of Project X to join me in today’s CoffeeCAST where o

Deliverable vs Result

So as I have been delving deeper into Rapid Results and it’s nuances as we finalize our service offering around it I was exposed to a subtle shift of thought. The difference between a deliverable and a result.  Those of us who come from IT are incessently forcused on delive

CoffeeCAST – #22 – Rapid Results and Senge Discussion

Welcome to the 22nd CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  We come upon a new week with lots of folks on holidays.  This morning our Senge group met to talk about Robert Schaffer’s book Rapid Results (see book on left). After the conversation, Jim and I grabbed a few min

CoffeeCAST – #21 – A Discussion on Faster Change

Welcome to the 21st CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  It has been a great week with some wonderful client conversations.  They got me thinking about Innovation, Rapid Results and Speed to Market and when I was talking with Michael Ianni-Palarchio (MIP from mipsscan) about

CoffeeCAST – #20 – A Year in Review

Welcome to the 20th Episode of the CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  So this CoffeeCAST happens to coincide with Project X’s 1st Anniversary. So as you can imagine, I grabbed Graham, my co-Founder and we decided to sit down and share a view of our year in review.  W

Readiness vs Next Steps

In previous posts we have talked about readiness and I am sure it will always pop up. One my challenges is patience for client readiness as it seems so obvious to me.  I was reading Robert Schaffer’s book Rapid Results and was interested to see what he had to say when I rec

Breakthrough – Case Study

I was involved in a huge systems development project a while ago that was a disaster.  I will describe the project and try to analyse why a strong believer in the breakthough approach abandoned it completely. Description of the Problem A large intergrated steel mill was producing