When Process Kills

Earlier this week I talked about the value of process.  But what happens when the steps kill the project. This is where experience is crucial.  Being able to be comfortable and understanding the process you are working to follow allows you to be able to identify when a step

Getting Back to Fundementals

Often things are not going the way you want in a personal or business situation, I have a suggestion that always works.  The metaphor that helps me is from golf.  Often when my game is gone to pot, I start to tinker with my swing or some new technique.  When I really be

Learning versus Training

In Rapid Results, Schaffer has a section on how managers can learn from experience.  I think learning from doing is far more effective than going away on some treining course or executive MBA.  Another ingredient that is important when learning from experience is reflecting


One of the key elements of the Rapid Results approach is creating a focus.  I have always found when I become focused I am far more effective and productive.  In selecting rapid results focus, one starts with a needed long term improvement and then narrows it down to a speci

CoffeeCAST – #26 – Organizational Thinking

Welcome to the 26th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  It has been a hectic week so we are starting a little late… and yes you are with me again today. I think you will find today covers some interesting topics.  Having followed the writting of Robert Schaffer in Rap

CoffeeCAST – #25 – Mind Shift

Welcome to the 25th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  We are just coming off a long weekend in Canada (Simcoe day in Ontario).  A great weekend and a time to develop some discussion ideas.  Today I fly solo and discuss the idea of the ability to do a mind shift.  So in to

Start with Results

So it is all about the results.  So that is where we need to focus, not on preparations or a preconceived solution. OK, so just asked you to walk off a cliff holding my hand saying:"jump I know we will figure out how to land safetly before we hit the ground" The leap is

It’s All About the Results

I remember when I first went into sales there were all sorts of things that we learned.  But ultimately it all boils down to results.  The same is in public companies.  People hold their collective breath until results come out and then judge their actions accoridingly

Rapid Results – What do We Need

I am not sure I have run into a business over the last two years who didn’t say they needed something important done and could not wait for the time being given from delivery.  Just a couple of weeks ago in talking with a Telco CIO he talked about the speed with which their

CoffeeCAST – #24 – Bridging the Gap

Welcome to the 24th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.  It is a hot one here in Toronto and I bring you a great conversation I had with Jim post some corporate and personal development work we have been doing at Project X. Jim and I thought that today we would share out con