CoffeeCAST – #56 – Carbon Footprint Reporting

Welcome to the 56th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd. Today I welcome Scott Boundy as guest moderator with Michael Ianni-Palarchio and me where we discuss the building of a Carbon Footprint Reporting application where we followed our RapidBI methodology. This is Scott&

Big Data Labs – Welcome GeoDash

Our friends over at Big Data Labs have made their GeoDash solution generally available.  Take a look at this press release.  We have been using it for a proof of concept and have been really happy with our results and the process.  You will hear more about that next

Consulting and Systems Integration Firms – People Centric

Most good consulting companies marry a balance of people, process and technology to create a practice that meets and sometimes exceeds a client need.  This is a lovely motherhood statement.  But it forgets that the word consult means the bare use of people to listen, discu

Data Can be Frustrating

Yesterday was very frustrating for me.  Once the day ended last night I tried to understand why.  I realized part of it was I was dealing with bad data. Not bad data in the sense of EDW and BI, but the Metadata or context around some work we are doing and are having challe

Collaboration is More Than Just Talk

As most of you who follow our blog know, Project X's RapidBI Approach and Platform is linked and depends very much on Agile Development and Real Collaboration. The challenge with the word collaboration is that often it is just talk.  I have had the opportunity to work with s

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

KPI's are very important components of our strategy to monitor and report our organizational effectiveness.  Wikepedia has a great definition that links to the similar ideas of BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) and Scorecards. In context these often seem like very daunting

Communication and Collaboration

As part of Project X Ltd's RapidBI platform and approach, we heavily rely on repeatable processes and infrastructure. In doing a post project review, one of the areas that I saw that is difficult to ensure through the collaboration model is understanding.  We use a variety o

CoffeeCast – A quick summary of Keynote of MicroStrategy World 2010

Michael and I are down in Vegas for MicroStrategy World and enjoying the time so far.  After a quick bit to eat, Michael and I were chatting about the Keynote and I said let's just do a quick podcast.  So here We are. Keynote Session Gwen Stefani opening songs Saylor o

Niche Consulting Firms

Project X Ltd has now been around for just under 5 years and have evolved into a Niche Advisory and Technology Services organization.  In discussions over the weekend, I had a great conversation with someone from industry about why we are choosing to stay niche and what value th

Going Through Hell

When we were at the Teradata conference, one of the speakers quoted Sir Winston Churchill as saying: "If you are going through Hell keep going" Now I am sure that this is not one of his most prolific statements and from sports we have many more, but I like this one better th