Context Switching

I had the good fortune tonight to run into a great post over on Joel Spolsky where he is talking about the impact in really any situation where you are heads down focused on a goal and someone comes and interrupts you to ask a question or maybe you get sidelined onto a short lived ini

Tables and Views

I was involved in some analysis this week that really taught me the best practices in tables, views and access. We had a new end user application that wanted to create a view to get access to a table of data (in this case all of the table).  In the process of figuring out the bes

When Process Kills

Earlier this week I talked about the value of process.  But what happens when the steps kill the project. This is where experience is crucial.  Being able to be comfortable and understanding the process you are working to follow allows you to be able to identify when a step

Value of Process

I was in a lunch meeting the other day talking about sales process and delivery process.  Though both are unrelated from a task point of view, I find the use of process and it’s value the same. Both Steve White (over at Effectivation) and I agreed that the true value of the

Escape Hatches

Jim and I played golf with Harvey Thomson over at Robert H Schaffer and Associates last week and had a great time. I spent my time exploring his experiences with Rapid Results and some of my challenges and opportunities.  At one point in the conversation Harvey mentione escape ha

Learning versus Training

In Rapid Results, Schaffer has a section on how managers can learn from experience.  I think learning from doing is far more effective than going away on some treining course or executive MBA.  Another ingredient that is important when learning from experience is reflecting

Successful Meetings – Inclusion

Have you ever been at a meeting that you did not know everyone there.  I would guess that the meeting took a long time to get started or never really ever got off the ground.  If the people at the meeting do not know each other, the meeting will move much more quickly if you

Global Delivery Models

With the continued growth and evolution of the global delivery model I thought I would go back to some thoughts that have always been bantered back and forth in regards to vendor approach to this sort of environment.  For the sake of this discussion let’s create three bucke

David Maister Blog

Jim and I have been following David’s blog and podcasts and really been enjoying this, especially in light of the work we have been doing to internalize Robert Schaffer‘s Rapid Results approach.  This post just jumped right off the page when I read it – Passion,

Logical Data Models (LDM)

Logical Data Models define how different types of data relate to each other and helps serve as a roadmap for building an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) or any data warehouse for that matter. Graham had once defined a good data model to me as one that when looked at shows you how the