Setting Personal Goals

Are you achieving your goals?  Why not?  Do you have fifteen minutes right now?  This could change your life.  I have found that the setting of goals has been very rewarding.  I will write them down and share them with a confidant.  Then at the end of the year, I will pull them out and look at how I have done.  I am always amazed at how well I have done.  If I have not made progress on a goal, I will reflect on whether that really is important for me.

At Project X, we help our clients to set and achieve their goals,  We encourage our clients to have clarity on their goals.  The technique I am describing is one of the many techniques we use to help our clients and ourselves.  Clarity of goals helps in our approach to get rapid results for our clients.  

In setting goals there is a great exercise in a book called "How to Get Control of Your Life and Your Time".  I will describe the exercise and recommend that as you read this take a piece of paper and do this as quickly as the instructions say.  The whole exercise will not take more than fifteen minutes.  Have a timepiece close so you can time your activities.

Step 1:  Quickly write down your lifetime goals.  Brainstorm and take about three minutes.   After the brainstorming, review the list for completeness and revise any items.  Another minute.

Step 2: Quickly write down your goals for the next five years.  Maybe three years.  Brainstorm and take three minutes.  Review the list and revise for another minute.

Step 3:  Quickly write down your goals if you knew you were going to die in six months.  Brainstorm and take three minutes.  Review and revise for one minute.

Step 4:  Review the complete list and make the high priority ones A's, second priority B's and Next priority C's.  You should only have three to five in each category.  Do that in one minute.

Step 5:  Rank the A in order of importance.  A1, A2, etc.  Do that in one minute.

Step 6:  Later review the list and revise as you see fit.

Step 7:  Make a sheet for each of you A's and brainstorm a list of all the actions you could take to accomplish the goal.

You can then use these priorities to determine whether you are spending time each day working on you A's.

One amazing thing is just by writing them down will ensure you will likely achieve them in the next year.  Try it you will like it.

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