Eat Your Frogs Early

"Frogs" are the important but not urgent tasks, an idea from Stephen Covey.  "Frogs" are from an excellent book by Brian Tracy, see


Getting the maximum results from our efforts is important for all of us at Project x.  In order to get rapid results we must eat our frogs first.  The idea is to do these these things first thing in the day.  It is a neat idea and one that I must work on myself.  The idea is at the end of the day reflect on your accomplishments in the day and make a list for tomorrow.  In the morning do the important things first.

Now if they will take too long, use a technique from my publication coach, Daphne Gray-Grant, called a Pomodoro.  She explains it well at  The idea is to have a kitchen timer that will ring after twenty-five minutes and spend that amount of time on these tasks.  When I have used that technique, I become amazingly productive.  If I spend a Pomodoro on a blog and then come back later to edit it, I am much more productive.

    Try it, you will find it amazing.  Eat the Frogs First.

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