Focus on the Goal

Is the process more important than the goal?   As I was driving on the highway, I was making a sharp turn going a little too fast.  I was taught years ago to focus on where you want to go not what you want to avoid.  

I wonder if that is the reason many of the canned processes bug me so much.  I think most of these processes that Project Managers use only focus on process and that the goal.  Similarly the ISO quality movement again focuses on the process not the goal.

When I play golf, I have learned that to achieve the desired outcome, I must be completely focussed on the goal.  If I let anything about my swing (the process) enter my consciousness, I will not succeed.  As Harvey Penick of the Little Red Book says "take dead aim."  (see a review :

So many times I are so distracted by the alligators, I forget I am there to drain the swamp.

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