Telecom Convergence

I just read an article in the globeandmail about the challenges of foreign ownership of telecom companies.

For all telcos it’s about the convergence of phone, broadcast, Internet as a single ubiquitous thing that doesn’t even have a name yet. Imagine being the person in 10 year who can say you invented the term. Like who invented the term Internet?

Remember Marshal McLuhan back the 1970’s he called it multi-media. Which pretty much describes it even though much of the enabling technology had been invented when McLuhan used the term.

Broadcast, Telecom, Advertising, Gaming, Newsmedia, Books/Literature, Social Networking all converging to a single thing.

Government, and especially the CRTC, have no concept of the tidal wave that is washing over the industry and them. It’s like Katrina hitting the dikes in NewOrleans. Game changing stuff.

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