Beverley Fingerhut Remembers Harvey

It is difficult for me to tell stories about Harvey because there are so many. I spent many hours with Harvey as he was my coach for many years and each hour was so precious and valuable.  

We talked about everything including of course client issues and problems. What stands out for me:

How difficult it is as consultant to achieve a balance between work, relationships and children.

How support staff was equal to or more important than the consultants

To walk that extra mile for a client

And Visibility – the importance of making your achievements visible.

Harvey often spoke to me of his early years and his wonderful family. His love for his wife Lil came out loud and clear. No matter how busy he was they would go away for weekends together.

One day I was walking down Eglinton Avenue and there was an elegant couple walking in from of me arm in arm. He was wearing a brown leather jacket and they looked so trendy and happy. I caught up closer and saw that it was Harvey and Lil.

What impact did Harvey have on me:

Harvey nurtured and believed in me. Not being from the system side there were times when I faltered but he was always there to tell me I could do it and he was always there to help.

He helped me work out my problems with clients by asking me questions and making me think things out.

When my husband and father passed away , he always came into my office to ask how I was and how were my kids doing and that thoughtfulness and caring continued throughout our relationship.

I know that when Harvey retired, he continued to help people. One on one, he helped people with daily chores, played cards with them and enriched their lives.

I am very lucky to have Harvey as a mentor and coach. He has influenced both my work life and personal life. ] There is a Hebrew word for a rare men like Harvey. It is a tzaddik – which essentially means a wise man, a good man, a gentle-man.

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