Microstrategy Security at Data Level

Recently, I have been recently setting up a Microstrategy 9 project for a Proof of Concept (POC )we are working on.  One of our challenges is to have one database that holds multiple companies information so we don't have the overhead of having to manage multiple databases right now as we are in POC mode.  The question was how do we have one database and one Microstrategy project and only allow specific users to see their company data?

The answer, as it turns out is relatively simple.  I created a security filter for each company ID.  When I setup a new user I apply the appropriate filter to that user and when they run any of the reports it automatically filters the report by their own company ID.  This allows us to have one database and one MSTR project with all the objects usable for each company and eliminates the need to manage multiple environments.

I thought I would share this little tip with those of you that haven't used this functionality before and might be facing the same problem.

  1. mip Reply

    Great post Tracy. Nice to see this real world experience communicated to our reader base.

  2. Stephen Hayward Reply

    Is this level of security control available in the free version as well? What are your thoughts on the free version versus the full version?

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