CoffeeCAST – #55 – One Version of the Truth and Consulting

Coffee cup Welcome to the 55th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd.

It is a spring cleanup type of coffeecast where we want to talk about how to create efficiency in capturing unstructured project related information.

I have asked Michael
Ianni-Palarchio to join me today where we will be discussing how to create some efficiency in consulting with the lessons learned in data warehousing and Business Intelligence around one version of the truth.  The following is a summary of the discussion:

  1. One Version of the Truth
  2. Multiple Sources of Capture Information
  3. Metadata Repositories
    • Google Desktop
    • Central hub model
    • Simplified Model
    • Erwin – Logical data model
  4. How you evolve to a model of best fit – focus on value and efficiency
  5. Helping people understand what we are getting in the end so they know why we are doing this

55 CoffeeCAST #55 – One Version of the Truth and Consulting


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