The Next Hundred Years

What will the next hundred years be like?   George Friedman in “The Next 100 Years”
attempts to answer the question. His
approach is really about global politics and power.  I found several of his ideas very thought
provoking and made me think about things differently.  See 

One point he makes is the country that rules the seas
controls world trade.  He says with the
United States Navy uncontested dominance of the oceans and their satellite
surveillance gives them control of world trade. 
They are very careful how they exercise this control but the big stick
is always there. 

In addition their borders are relatively secure with North America being an island in comparison with most
other countries.

His predictions are that the United States will be a dominant
power in the world for most of the next hundred years. 

My initial reaction was to dismiss his analysis as very US
centric but as I read the book I found some of his arguments compelling.  I recommend the book as a book to read to
stimulate your thinking about the twenty-first century. 

  1. Peter Holden Reply

    I agree completely. Cool book.
    I had not previously given much thought to either Turkey or Mexico. Further his thoughts on Poland and Japan were interesting.
    His views on Russia and China line up with my thinking. (It is said that the mark of a truly brilliant mind is how much he agrees with you)
    Thought-provoking and very well worth reading.

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