Update on Motivating People to Enter Golf Scores

Based on a suggestion of Dan Pink, the author of Drive, I
used a technique attempted in hotels to get people to reuse towels.   Initially they used a “Protect the
Environment” sign to encouraged people to reuse towels.  It was not very effective.  They changed the sign to “Over 80% of Our
Guests Reuse Their Towels” sign.  Reuse
went up dramatically.

See the background on this issue on a previous blogs:http://blog.pxltd.ca/2010/02/how-to-motivate-people-help.html and http://blog.pxltd.ca/2010/03/motivation-to-enter-scores-feedback.html

I put a note on the carts last week saying, Over 80% of our
Men Enter Their Scores.”   On that day 45
of 112 golfers did not enter their score. 
I am perplexed and I have asked a few people why they did not enter
their score.  Their response was that
because of the game we played, better ball of partners, the score keeper did
not keep their score.   I suspect that is partially true but I think
they had no intention of entering their score. 
I think my plan backfired and the men said to themselves “if 20% do not
enter their scores I will not enter mine.”

 I guess I need a new approach.  I expect the membership does not share my

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