Always On – Take a Page from Cisco

I remember reading that Cisco had been told to take a forced holiday/vacation where all the employees were told to take the time off and turn off cell phones and blackberrys and computers (not sure about the iphones).  There was a great article about some research that said it adds another 10 days to our work year.

After a comment from a client where she was complaining about always working 7 days a week, I realized that there is some merit in this.  I know that Graham used to have a rule, no working on Friday nights.  This worked most of the time, but when we do a deployment on a Friday that often does not work.  I realized that over time he lost that ability all together.

So it made me ponder, how do we get our weekends back?  I think it is time to have a forced, everyone in the company take this weekend off and no looking at emails, working on computers or conference calls.

So those in the company who read the blog will know that this weekend I dictate as of 5pm on Friday, no work until 9am on Monday no matter what.

  1. Jim Reply

    I will be interested to hear how it worked.

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