Learning About Oneself

March is a time of reflection for me as I build my personal balanced scorecard.  Outside of this process I rely upon others who coach and council me as well as the gleems of insight I often get as I go through a day.

I took some time today to try and reflect on some insights that I gleemed over the past several weeks.  It was very heartening.  As we know the most difficult times bring the best opportunity for challenge and learning.  I believe in this whole heartedly.

In looking at balance though, having a constant level of challenge is good, but if it is always at a spinal tap level of 11 for a long period of time, this can really effect other areas of your life.  This why working to take a balanced view of our life is crucial.

It does no-one any good if we get through the challenges at work to the detriment of our health or family.  I strongly suggest we leverage this kind of process in a world of 7/24 always on.

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