Fun to See My Namesake

My Dad sent me a youtube video that a distant cousin of mine from Barrie with the same name Steve Hayward, of course I am Stephen so we must be different :).  The video is a commercial he did for Dimpflmeier Bread and was well put together.

Anyway it was covered on CFTO in Toronto during the Olympics and was on after the Canadian’s won gold which would have been great.

So the following is the commercial that White Pine Productions put together…

  1. mip Reply

    Stephen – you look so young in that video.
    What have you been taking?

  2. Steve Hayward Reply

    Well Stephen, I’m the guy who did this spot. My name is actually Robert Stephen, but all my life have been known as Steve.
    Thanks for the comments!
    I live north of Barrie now in a place called Victoria Harbour. If you want to see more of our work, go to
    Where are you from?

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