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I was pondering this week about balanced scorecards as a way to measure personal performance.  Michael when we worked together long ago took me through a balanced scorecard process to help me evaluate my performance for all the roles I take on.  These were not just about work, actually it oftened seemed to be more about everything but work.

In thinking of this I realized that it was time to get a refresher on all the items and the process to ensure I am not cheating myself.  So I have asked Michael to work with me again to help me refresh the process to ensure that I can give this the proper approach.

I think that in so doing work will be better, but more importantly I will se how I balance off the other roles I play like: Dad, son, husband, friend, uncle, member of the community, employee, employer, and the list goes on.

A great opportunity for introspection.

  1. Stephen Hayward Reply

    Hi Lori,
    I think even if a company does not sponsor the process a good boss should. At Project X Ltd, those people who would like to are being exposed to the idea of the balances scorecard.
    How we manage our life work balance is hard and certain types of people (like me) have a very hard time balancing and trying to do it all.
    I hope as we progress we will be finding different ways to deal with the impacts that work has on our other areas of life.
    As for quality of life measures, this is where the value of the balanced scorecard fits in. How each of us measures quality of life is different and as such very difficult to measure universally.
    This is a difficult area that takes care, interest and understanding.

  2. Lori Reply

    Hi Stephen. Nice to meet you and I agree with your approach to staying balanced to perform even better in work and life. Question: Do you believe companies would sponsor this process for their employees (at all levels)? If so, do you believe that quality of life measures would have a place in this? -Lori

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