Data Can be Frustrating

Yesterday was very frustrating for me.  Once the day ended last night I tried to understand why.  I realized part of it was I was dealing with bad data.

Not bad data in the sense of EDW and BI, but the Metadata or context around some work we are doing and are having challenges with.  The reason I decided to call it a metadata issue was that a bunch of us could talk about the issues, but none of us had the same story or answer.  This is very similar to a datawarehousing project where we will have data, but not context and spin our wheels as we start to consume the data for our uses and hopefully action.

I found in the past that if you get some good context to the data then coming up with the actions to resolve the issue are simpler to work on.  So sometimes it is worth the time to call and discuss and when you do look for the context and capture the metadata

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