A Business Intelligence Look at What Pharma is Doing with IT

Bi-pill  I wrote last week about business intelligence and it's application within the pharmaceutical vertical based on an article I'd read.  In my post I talked about

…pharmaceutical companies to get value from all that data, there needs to be a robust business intelligence layer that sits atop a very robust enterprise data warehouse (EDW) infrastructure….

What is important to add is that while our approach at Project X allows for companies to effectively overcome the pitfalls and realize value, there is an important nuance to take away from that statement.  The word is used is effectively.  I didn't use the word easily.  That is an important difference.  While it seems straightforward, the execution of a BI initiative needs to be managed effectively.  It isn't always easy.  It takes purposeful approaches within governance, requirements capturing, design, development, testing and deployment.  The shifting, exploratory nature of BI initiatives can easily through a project team into "spin-mode" and cause the project to enter a cycle of de-scoping & disappointment.  By partnering for an organization that employs an agile "sprint-like" approach, companies within the pharmaceutical vertical will be able to transform their data and then "they can then move on to insight."

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