Data Goverence Part 5 A Fairy Tale

This is an interesting fairy tale about one aspect of data goverence.   Have a look at

I think that data quality is a dragon we need to tame and bring into the service of our organizations.    I think the knights in his battle are the Data Stewards which I will write more about in subsequent blogs. 

To give you a clue, the data stewards actually exist in your organizations and are not properly recognized.  

Comments invited. 

  1. graham boundy Reply

    I liked the fairy tale, being a knight myself, it struck a cord.

  2. Ron Burke Reply

    Your data governance comments are much appreciated. Different companies will find that the strategy for one does not necessarily fit another.
    Healthcare insurance companies, I’m finding, are pretty conservative and I find your practical approach is a good fit. With the billions soon coming to Healthcare IT we will need to be very careful to define the correct processes for the giant leap forward. As you begin to follow the process your on-going comments would be appreciated. Consider it your part in “Changing America”.
    The decision on our DW Appliance may be delayed by the intrusion of Microsoft with their currently unavailable offering. They are also a big client of ours.

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