CoffeeCast – A quick summary of Keynote of MicroStrategy World 2010

Michael and I are down in Vegas for MicroStrategy World and enjoying the time so far.  After a quick bit to eat, Michael and I were chatting about the Keynote and I said let's just do a quick podcast.  So here We are.

Keynote Session

  1. Gwen Stefani opening songs
  2. Saylor on a new era and class of apps – see our Vidcast on this
  3. Mark LaRow on Strategy on where they are going as to why they are launching what they did in MicroStrategy 9 release 2
    • Mobile Intelligence
    • Speed of Thought Performance
    • MicroApp Preview on the Pre-Demo

CoffeeCAST #52 – MicroStrategy World – Keynote

So join in and listen and then join the conversation.

  1. mip Reply

    We’ll definitely be doing more chatting and more video. How did you like the videoCasts?

  2. Jim Reply

    Great coffee cast. Great to hear you chatting again. Look forward to more ideas and news.

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