Requirements Gathering for BI Initiatives (Cross Post)

Hope you are all having a good holiday break.  I've had some time to write and thought I'd cross-post this blog entry I did over on mip's scan since it is directly related to some exciting things we are doing here at Project X.  Happy reading and I look forward to your thoughts.

I've had a few quiet days with the onset of the holidays and that has given me time to read and write.  It's given me time to think.  About what?  Well, a colleague of mine asked me to think about ways to evolve our approach to capturing requirements and doing analysis for our business intelligence projects.  We have a dedicated group that delivers outstanding EDW and BI initiatives and this colleague wanted me to see what tools/techniques from my advisory services practice could be leveraged in our BI work.  I've been thinking about this since he mentioned it to me late last week and wanted to get some thoughts down to help evolve my thinking.  


For the complete post, please click here.  

  1. Jim Reply

    I really like this post and the ideas behind it. The challenge of the approach requires a more thoughtful approach and design. However as things evolve, the result is a much better result that deliver real business value.
    The challenge is good business analysis all though the project as the requirements evolve. Unfortunately the estimates on the cost of the project are not as firm but likely more realistic.
    The real key is always keep in mind the overall intention of the project. This intention is often lost in the details.
    It reminds me of the fellow looking for the keys under the light. The analyst asked where did you lose them. Th efellow says “Over there, but I can see better here” Just because we know how to find some data does that mean it will help us find the answer.

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