Linking Business and IT

How often does one hear the complaint that the IT group really only cares about technology and not about the business?  If you are talking to an IT person about your business problem, how often is the first question they ask is "What software are you using?"  Now what does that have to do with them understanding your business problem?   However the business often feels very uncomfortable talking about technology at any level.  Communication is blocked.

I expect some of the problem has to do with the insecurity we feel when we are outside our comfort zone.  Also both the business problem and the technology challenges are both stretching us so how can we enter another very challenging area.

So how do will bridge this gap in real ways and stop everybody from hiding behind the jargon.  In IT the jargon is the latest buzz words, like SOA.  In the business it is _____________.  You need to fill that in for your business.

If we did more listening as oppose to talking to cover up our own insecurities, might help.  Do not rush to solve the superficial statement of the problem, say "tell me more."  Then listen, listen, listen.  When one responds try to use the same terminology and avoid jargon.

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