Basecamp and Cloud Computing

I have used a fantastic tool called Basecamp for quite some time.  It is a tool created by 37Signals and has been out for a long while and probably reviewed dozens of times before. I wanted to write a brief post about this tool though because of the tremendous value I have gotten from it over the past year.  More importantly, I wanted to write about it because it is a great example of applications that are available on the internet, or, to use the term used today, an app that is in the cloud.  I am a tech at heart and love to deploy things internally, but I see increasingly, how powerful the "in-the-cloud" model is about to become.  Before I go too far, though, let's talk a little about Basecamp first.


Thought I would cross-post this blog I did the other day as there has been a lot of people reading it over on mip's scan. Basecamp is a fantastic tool that I've been using for a long while and a number of Project X client's have found value in our using it as a part of our projects. I hope you find this cross post interesting. if you've been using Basecamp, or other cloud-based tools, I'd love to hear what your experiences have been.

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