Using Technology as Transformation Tool

How often is technology used as a change agent?   The readiness for the organization to embrace the change is often a problem.  In data warehousing we talk about having one version of the truth.  The data comes from a single source rather than various spreadsheets or spreadmarts.  Senior management wishes to see one set of information rather than dueling spreadmarts. 

The discipline required to manage the data warehouse replaces the challenge of dealing with inconsistent reports.  The technology moves the management problem from one issue to another.  Often the people will shift the burden to the data warehouse and the data warehouse requires new disciplines from the people people suppling data. 

A successful change requires cooperation and recognition of the important of the change.  With the right approach and understanding of the objectives of the project, major transformations can occur.  We believe the best approach is to introduce the new approach in shorter three month sub-projects rather than on big change.  With this approach small issues can be solved before they become big problems. 

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