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Project X Ltd has now been around for just under 5 years and have evolved into a Niche Advisory and Technology Services organization.  In discussions over the weekend, I had a great conversation with someone from industry about why we are choosing to stay niche and what value this brings to our clients.

So let's frame this a bit and provide a some context for this blog post.  eHealth Ontario has come under fire lately about their use of consultants and the associated costs that have produced no return for the taxpayers.  Sadly I do not know anything other than what is published in the papers or web, so I can't comment on this.  But it was a good starting point about how big does not necessarily mean good and the staffing model at the other extreme can also not be as manageable.

When Graham and I first described what we wanted to build we modeled our company off of Gellman Hayward and Partners Ltd who we both had been exposed to.  It was a great place with some great people doing great work.  Most importantly, it provided real, tangible value to its clients. 

We then looked at the gap that frequently exists between the business and technology and how finding a select area of expertise and a mind to this issue we could help facilitate the better utilization of IT by the business.  This lead us to Actionable Strategy and then eventually Rapid Results.

Why Rapid Results?

  1. Mainly because this is what the business needs to be able to address the changing landscape of their business.
  2. Our large competitors are not about that and need massive projects that last years.  We wanted results in 90 to 100 days.
  3. Staffing resources though good, would not have the necessary glue and accountability to bring best practices to the client to help drive value.
  4. We want to empower our clients to be able to utilize the same methods and breed change agents and most of our competition should be scared of this type of thinking.
  5. Be fast, be nimble and most of all be focused on the results.  Use the process as a tool not the answer.

Whether we like the name of the approach of Rapid Results or the things it gives us the ability to do.  This is one of the underpinnings of us and how we operate as a niche firm and strive to drive value.  Our clients seem to like it and our competitors don't seem to want to do it.

  1. Mip Reply

    Totally agree. Would love to hear us talk about this via a podcast

  2. Jim Reply

    Great discussion of our niche and strategy. I also thank you for the comments about Gellman.Hayward.
    I am a strong believer in the value of creating breakthroughs for clients through rapid results.
    Often the long projects that provide promise at the end do not create momentum for chenge which is needed on most projects.
    Project X Ltd. has really taken some very innovative approaches to deliver rapid results. Project architecture for rapid results is challenging but worth the effort.

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