To Use Facebook or Not?

Is Facebook an addictive site, an invasion of privacy, or simply a neat way to stay in touch?  A recent article in the New York Times says people are leaving.  See

I do not believe it is perfect and one must use it carefully.  A Canadian court ruled that Facebook must remove all you information when you quit facebook.  Facebook says they will comply but it will take several months for them to change.  

I find it a neat way to stay in touch with some people whom I would not normally keep in contact.  One of my cousins and her family was over the top on her use of facebook and suddenly removed herself.  I think she was one of these addicted people. 

One difficulty I think is if I comment on a picture of someone on my network, everybody on my network can see the pictures of that person.  That makes me a little uncomfortable.  However I think we should accept as reality that our posting may not be very private.  Awareness of this fact helps me manage how I use it. 

I am still a participant but am not addicted to it.  Caution is really important.

Anybody have an opinion on Linkedin?

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