How We Use Our Time

How we use our time is so critical.  I have found that making lists is a very important tactic.   When I make a list, I make a point of crossing off the list things I have done.  If I do something not on the list, I put it on so I can cross it off.  Just a little trick.

Another trick is to distinquish between things that are urgent and important.  We often confused urgent things with important items. 

Here is an exercise to help you understand the distinction.  Make a list of all the activities you did yesterday.  Anything that took 15 minutes or more.  Now draw on a peice of paper four quadrants.  Label on the left side, bottom non urgent, top urgent.  Label on bottom, left side non important and right side, important.   Number the activities on the list and put each item by number in one of the three quadrants.  Have a look at the pattern.  If you are only doing things that are urgent and  none of the non-urgent but important items, you likely do not have control of your time.  You are letting the outside world control your time.  Think about ways of changing the mix.

So who is controlling your life?

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