Making a Message Stick The Shreddies Example

Shreddies had a problem.  Many people still liked their product but they were losing market share in the competitive world of breakfast cereal.  How to freshen up the message? 

Somebody decided that they could re-market the squares as diamonds.  They test marketed the idea in one market area and it was so successful that they cut the trial short and did a major introduction.  Shreddies market share leaped by 18%.  How amazing is that!  The whole idea captured major media attention, which is priceless.

This is a great example of simple message that really stuck.  People realize that it is just simply looking at the product differently but they came back to a product they already liked.  Now the question is "Do you like squares better than diamonds?" 

I think the campaign was quite ingenious and the people were not insulted.  I think the characteristic that made this stick was that it was unexpected and got people's attention.  Also the message was simple and very concrete, with a little mystery thrown in for good measure.

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