Making a Message Stick Part 1

Do you know why you can complete the phrase "A stitch in time —————-" ?  Why does that saying stick? 

Harvey Gellman used a phrase that everybody who worked with him will recall "The Client is King."

One that sticks for me about consulting is "What is in the best interest of the client?"

Why do some ideas stick and others never get remembered?  

I have been researching how communicate ideas and am fascinated by some of the things I have learned.  

At our golf course we have been trying to get people to put the rakes a certain way in the bunkers.  Nothing seemed to work.  Then somebody created a simple sketch of where the rakes should be placed in the bunkers and posted it.  One place it was posted was above the urinals in the men's locker room.  Now the rakes are rarely misplaced.  Why? 

 Word pictures that communicate ideas in a ways that people can relate is another concept.   A man who had abandoned by his family for a younger woman got a letter from his daughter.  The letter said she and her mother were driving their family car,that he used to like but was now showing its age, down their street when it was struck by her dad driving in a new car.  The family was badly hurt and had to go to the hospital and will take a long time to recover.  The man was so stuck by the message that he returned home and repaired the damage.  This word picture was effective when all other ways of communicating with the man failed.   Why?

Do I have your attention?  In future blogs, I will pursue this idea further and give you some concrete and practical ideas.

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