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The last 5 months have been a complete blur to me as we have gone through some growth and are working on a fantastic couple of engagements.  I have been a lot more present than normal hoping to ensure client success and satisfaction.

This week though my Apple Macbook Pro was giving me some grief on the big front panel by the mouse pad.  When I typed, it clicked the mouse. 

So I sent a service request to our new IT support desk.  They responded immediately with the steps to deal with it.  So of we went to the Apple store near by for service (as I had bought this, we decided to go together to ensure speedy service and choices).

Booked online an appointment with a tech two days prior.  They asked me to be there 5 minutes early.  Got there.  Was first in the queue.  The guy went through my issues, poked the computer and said.  'We will need to replace the front bezel.  Take one day.  Let me check on whether we have the part.'  He didn't, but he made sure I could still use the machine and then ordered the part, walked me through what would happen and then told me 'no charge'.  This all took me less than 15 minutes and gave a good answer.

This was handled so well and smoothly I am really happy with the process and look forward to a known next step and resolution.

  1. Jim Reply

    Good customer support experiences can be so impressive and uplifting.
    Bad experiences can really be destructive for an organization.
    I was recently reading about how Nordstrom makes their customer service philosophy stick with employees. Rather than a saying or slogan, they created Nordies which are stories of unexpected service by employees. For example, ironing a new shirt a customer needed that afternoon; warming customer’s cars in winter while they finished shopping; cheerfully gift wrapping products a customer bought at May’s.
    Employees at Nordstrom’s really know what exceptional customer service is.

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