I have been amazed as of late to watch some people around me show great amounts of strength.  When your job isn't a physical one it is hard to define strength and it's value.

It is amazing.  Whether it is Strength in Commitment, Dedication, Understanding or others it is a wonder to watch.

The best of all though is strength of character.  Watching people go through trials and being challenged by many forces, the strength of character really shines through.

Just remember that strength as a grown up is not about being a bully or beating people up (even when we want to).

  1. Jim Reply

    I think you are an inspiration to your whole team with your strength and positive attitude.
    I think your patience, persistance and perseverence serve you well with the team as well as in golf.
    You are creating some great traditions and mythology.
    When the going gets tough, the tough get going. GO TEAM GO!

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