Water and Data – The Analogy

I was just over at mipsscan (written by Michael Ianni-Palarchio – who is joining Project X Ltd in March) and reading some of his blogging and twittering he is doing.  Now that he is making the move back into pure consulting he is sharing some thoughts as he comes up to speed on what we do and some of the subjects around that.

Yesterday he wrote a post that was simple (even better than my perishable grocery good – head of lettuce) analogy about.  It is crazy how deep this analogy can go…

  • Importance – water is the lifeblood of a country or community.  Take Africa, US, Canada or Las Vegas and how the imprtance of water is crucial to the overall economic stability of the regions
  • Governance – in water there is ministries of natural resources and governing bodies and legislators whose job it is to look after and maintain/conserve these precious resources
  • Infrastructure – think about the massive infrastructure cost of collecting, managing, cleansing and distributing water
  • Cleanliness – I don't know about you, but I do not want to consume dirty water
  • Access – pretty useless to have it if no-one can get access to it.  It is crazy how like electricity it is just there at a tap for us to use
  • Movement – this is a perishable good, whether it be leakage, spoilage, evaporation or anything, moving and storing it is difficult.  All I can think of is the movie Dune and the big underground water storage

These are just some quick thoughts having read his post.  Take a look at it.

  1. mip Reply

    Ok, I’ve submitted the post here as well.

  2. Stephen Hayward Reply

    Great idea.

  3. mip Reply

    Glad you liked the post Just some initial thoughts. I was thinking I might cross post it here as well if you thought that was aok.

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