Some Articles on Datawarehousing

A Colleague gave me an email today with the following links.  Thought I would throw them out to the world for review:

  • Kimball Vs. Inmon by Susan Gallas  Link
  • Data Warehousing: Similarities and Differences of Inmon and Kimball by Katherine Drewek  Link
  • How would you characterize the difference between Bill Inmon's philosophy on data warehousing and Richard Kimball's? by Chuck Kelley, Les Barbusinski, Scott Howard   Link
  • Data Warehouse: Ralph Kimball’s Vision by Katherine Drewek   Link
  • Data Warehouse: Bill Inmon’s Vision by Katherine Drewek   Link
  • Data Warehousing: Relational vs. Multi-Dimensional Data by Katherine Drewek   Link

Thanks Scott for this 🙂

  1. Stephen Hayward Reply

    Very interesting article. I have seen the pyramid used many times. Also a funnel can be used. One area that really needs to be brought into this model is actionable intelligence. This would be closing the loop in a systems manner with near or real-time actions presented at the time of need.

  2. mip Reply

    If you want to read a good article, read
    It is an excellent article on The Advantage of Good Business Intelligence. I am writing a blog post and am drawing reference from this.

  3. Jim Reply

    The debate reminds me of a story in Guliver’s Travels. In Lilliput there were Big Enders and Little Enders. The two sects differed in their belief about which end you should cut a soft boiled egg. However the original master of egg cutting sect pronounce that the egg should be cut at the most convenient end. This guidance was translated into two dogmas.
    Is it possible we have the same with Immon and Kimball? I suspect that for different circumstances one approach is better and for other situations the other is better. I do not think we need to get dogmatic about this and create factions. The approach should be dictated by the exact situation rather having a closed mind. Tolerance and mutual goodwill and trust should prevail. A good designer keeps an open mind and deals with the specific issues.
    I suspect I am blowing in the wind however. Or is it pushing on a string?

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