One of the most rewarding things I have done throughout my consulting career has been coaching executives and managers.  My experience with this work is that it has a profound effect of the career of my client and the organization.   The relationship often starts around an issue my clients is facing in the organization and develops into a coaching relationship later. 

The most beautiful thing about these relationships is the growth of my clients.  Some of these changes are so dramatic and impressive that they are almost unbelievable.  Unfortunately because these relationships are very confidential I cannot give specific examples.  However I can talk about some of the common issues.

Many people have real challenges with their boss and rarely have anybody to talk to about the problem.  The coach is the ideal person.  I help my clients learn how to manage their relationship with their boss and see the whole issue in a different light.  No two situations are identical but often the theme has to do with dealing with authority. 

Another common situation is the client feels isolated and needs a sounding board for ideas.  I find it these situations the person being able to talk about the ideas and giving them voice really helps.  The supportive environment can really help the client clarify ideas and develop strategies to deal with difficult issues.

However my experience over the years also allows me to draw on many similar experiences and give concrete examples to discuss.  I love to tell stories. 

However the key is a relationship of trust and comradeship.  These have been some of my most rewarding experiences. 

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