Jim’s Sayings – A Review

Over the last few years I have written about many of the lessons I have learned in my consulting practice.  I learned from one of the best, Harvey Gellman.  I would like to review some of these says and give you a reference back to the original post. 

http://blog.pxltd.ca/2006/03/jim_saying_1_yo.html   "You Can’t Push on a Rope"

http://blog.pxltd.ca/2006/05/pain_and_growth.html   This post talks about how we are never aware of the growth, only the pain.  I think over the years I have learned that we learn the most from the challenges that we are presented.

http://blog.pxltd.ca/2006/06/be_skeptical.html     This post talks about being careful not to accept things at face value. 

http://blog.pxltd.ca/2006/06/jim_saying_secu.html   This post talks about the fiction of job security. 

http://blog.pxltd.ca/2006/07/jim_saying_4_th.html    This is one of my favourites.  This refers to a lesson from one of my teachers about the courage to be imperfect. 

http://blog.pxltd.ca/2006/07/jims_saying_wha.html   This post continues the theme of learning which I truly think is one of the keys to being effective.   "What have you learned lately?"

http://blog.pxltd.ca/2006/07/jim_saying_6_wh.html   Written by Stephen but a great lesson about asking yourself the right questions.

These are a few of my saying which I thought would be fun to review. 

I would welcome comments or challenges to my ideas.  I am always eager to hear new ideas and learn new things.

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