The New Management Network

We are pleased to announced that Jim Hayward, one of our senior
consultants, has been invited to join The New Management Network.  The Network
represents a unique assembly of management consulting capacity
embracing strengths ranging through organizational development,
strategic thinking, diversity, information management and broad
environmental and economic perspectives.  A client in the "high tech"
world recently remarked on the scope and depth of this combination of
capacity and flexibility. This skill mix, when combined with members’
belief in creative innovation and their dedication to drawing out the
human spirit in organizations, offers clients unparalleled benefits on
issues of corporate purpose, strategic clarity, company-wide alignment
with direction, teamwork and organizational culture.

I am honoured to be in the company of such impressive people.  My
relationship with Don Fowke began many years ago when I worked on
Operation Productivity for the Manitoba Governement.  This relationship
gives Project X Ltd. access to some of the leading consultants around
the world.   See their web site:

  1. Rathna Reply

    I am really looking forward to have a great oppurtunity to work with such a great network. Hope my wish comes true soon.

  2. Jim Reply

    I am honoured to be able to draw on the experience such a great network. I have worked with Don Fowke on several projects and have found him to be a very creative and effective consultant.
    I am looing forward to meeting many of them in the near future.

  3. Rathna Reply

    Yes, its is really an honour to be in the company of such impressive people.I think you are vey luck !!!

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